Aversi: Competition has always been intense on the local pharmaceutical market

Aversi: Competition has always been intense on the local pharmaceutical market

access_time2019-05-14 14:43:20

The Competition Agency is studying the Georgian pharmaceutical market to reveal monopolies or cartel transactions. The businessmen believe that the research will not reveal any violations of the law.

Paata Kurtanidze, General Director of Aversi which is one of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies, says that the Georgian pharmaceutical market has neither monopolies nor cartels.

“Anyone can study the pharmaceutical market which  is distinguished with very high, tense and intense competition,” he explains.

 Business community, the media, NGOs have been talking about an unhealthy situation on the pharmaceutical market for many years. The situation has not  changed and  three large companies continue to fully control the import and distribution of drugs and  completely dominate the local market.

Experts say that enjoying a privileged position, pharmacy chains get excess profits from the sale of drugs, sometimes selling them even with a 200-300% mark-up.

 In Aversi founder’s words, in  2019 drugs prices will decline due to a decrease in their cost, but the prices of medicines are still a serious problem for the population.

“We are constantly working on  prices and every  year some  medicines fall in price. We are in talks with suppliers over the low prices for drugs, ” Paata Kurtanidze explains.


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