AtlasGlobal: "Georgian Companies should Engage in Attracting Turkish Tourists"

access_time2018-01-05 10:35:50

In 2017 the aviation sector became more active - Tamuna Tandashvili, CEO at  AtlasGlobal airline, said in the air of the  radio Commersant. Tandashvili assessed the aviation market activity in  2017.

"First of all I want to mention visa liberalization, as a result of  which the aviation sector sharply activated both in the local and international markets. New international airlines entered the country, which is directly proportionate to tourism development. Competition is increasing among airlines. It is important to take into account the international trends, in 2017 the ticket price and time were of special significance across the world. AtlasGlobal took into consideration the interest of consumers, saying that Georgia is important and interesting", Tamuna Tandashvili says.

In her words, the changes in the lari rate have not affected the aviation market.

"In comparison to 2016, our company ended 2017 with a growth of 38%. AtlasGlobal performs daily flights to Turkey and  in this direction the airline saw  a 75% growth. Turkey still remains the main direction which the currency fluctuations  cannot affect. Turkey is the largest investor, about 56% of the Georgian population opts for Turkey which is a quite high figure. Due to this the lari rate has not affected sales as it could have," AtlasGlobal CEO explains.

She notes that interest in Georgia is very low in Turkey, so Georgian tourism companies should pay serious attention to this direction.

"Georgian companies should engage in attracting Turkish tourists. Turkey is a 80- million country that is not active in Georgia. There are two important factors -  Turkey positions  itself as the most attractive tourist country which  has a very good strategy for domestic tourism development. Turks do not arrive in Tbilisi as tourists. For the Turkish market Batumi is more attractive  with existing infrastructure and gaming business. Tbilisi loses the tourists who can come here. Besides, in terms of infrastructure and high hotel prices we cannot compete with Istanbul,” Tandashvili adds.

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