Antonov Airlines Is Shifting Its Base To Leipzig, Germany

Antonov Airlines Is Shifting Its Base To Leipzig, Germany

access_time2022-05-19 10:30:15

Antonov Airlines has switched its operational base from Kyiv-Antonov airport in Hostomel, Ukraine, to Leipzig in Germany. The heavy-lift specialist airline made headlines globally earlier this year when Hostomel became the site of heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, with several of its aircraft destroyed.

Antonov Airlines give an update on Hostomel's destruction

Last week at the Worldwide Project Consortium conference in Vienna, Austria,  Antonov Airlines  confirmed their new home base and detailed the extent of damage to Hostomel Airport and the airline's infrastructure. During the presentation, Antonov said their Hostomel base was destroyed, along with three planes -  AN-225 Mriya , AN-74, and an AN-26-100. Two other aircraft, an AN-124 and an AN-22A, are damaged with a decision about their future yet to be made.

Five AN-124-100 aircraft  made it out of Ukraine and, in the future, will be based at Leipzig-Halle Airport (LEJ). Those planes are maintaining their flying hours operating missions on behalf of NATO, the Ukrainian Government, and some humanitarian flights. The AN-124-100s have been flying as far afield as North America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Sanctions against Russia have severely curtailed the operations of Ulyanovsk-based Volga-Dnepr Airlines , Antonov's main competitor. It doesn't offset the loss of planes or infrastructure, but it is a positive for Antonov Airlines. Over the next 12 months, Antonov estimates it will fly at least one heavy-lift mission a day, with nearly 1,300 landings anticipated. In the meantime, Antonov did not give a timeframe for completing its move to Leipzig.


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