Amazon launches HD music streaming

Amazon launches HD music streaming

access_time2019-09-18 11:25:47

Amazon Music has become the first of the "big three" streaming services to offer music in CD-quality audio.

The service, which costs £5 more than a standard Amazon subscription, will also offer some albums in "Ultra HD", which promises to be better-than-CD quality.

Until now, Amazon, like its main rivals Apple and Spotify, only streamed music in compressed formats like MP3 and AAC.

Some smaller services like Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz already offer lossless, high-fidelity streaming.

Amazon is calling its service "HD" because customers are familiar with the term from television, but it will actually use the same file format - FLAC - as its competitors.

All three of the major record labels have signed up, with music by Fleetwood Mac, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Stormzy and Ed Sheeran now available in Ultra HD.

Notably, the launch of Amazon Music's HD service comes a week before the company unveils its latest range of hardware, which is expected to include a new model of its Echo speaker.

The service is priced more competitively than its rivals, with a monthly subscription costing £14.99, or £12.99 for Amazon Prime customers.


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