Agara Sugar factory resumes operations

Agara Sugar factory resumes operations

access_time2021-04-05 16:05:09

Agara Sugar resumed operations on April 1. The factory management told that the factory managed to continue work with the state's support. The factory plans to process 70,000 tons of raw sugar by the end of the year. According to  Alkhan Alizade, the General Director of Agara Sugar, the negotiations with the government completed successfully, and there are all conditions for the factory to continue operating in an environment acceptable to it. Alizade notes that the company received a discount on natural gas and railway-logistics services, the benefit of which will remain in force this year. The factory employs about 500 people.

Agara Sugar suspended its activities on December 31 last year due to the exhaustion of state support measures caused by a pandemic.

This time the factory started operating with the support of the state after a three-month pause.

The largest sugar manufacturer Agara sugar first   closed down in November 2017.

Director of the company Alkhan Alizade named an increase in raw materials prices in the international market as the main reason for suspension. According to him, the packaged sugar was mainly imported from Europe whose price is low. Thus, the sugar imported from Brazil and packed by  Agara couldn't  compete with the European  sugar in  price.




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