“A new Prime Minister should build  closer relations with business “

“A new Prime Minister should build closer relations with business “

access_time2019-09-10 15:17:07

“The program presented by the new prime minister is of vital necessity  . In the 21st century there is no economic reality without politics , so the new head of government should build  closer relations with business that will be useful both to business and the prime minister, ” Lasha Papashvili, CEO at Redix company, says.

Papashvili believes that the government and local businessmen often spoke about the need for reforms, which have not  been carried pout by any government.

“The taxation of small hotels is a problem that has been bothering  the business for many years.  They work only during the season which lasts  2-3 months, but have to pay taxes all year round, ”he explains.

Papashvili notes that the problem was discussed with the previous Prime Minister, but he resigned without making  any decision.

“Contacts between business and government were minimal. It is necessary to hold  more active and intensive consultations between the government and business, ” Lasha Papashvili notes.

In the  businessman’s opinion,  a business ombudsman institution, which is very passive today, should become more active .


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