95% of worn out gas pipes to be replaced in Tbilisi within 5 years

95% of worn out gas pipes to be replaced in Tbilisi within 5 years

access_time2021-10-22 11:05:11

The process of replacing the outdated Soviet gas supply infrastructure is underway in Tbilisi. in the distuircts  where pipes have been fully worn out, almost 60% of the infrastructure has been replaced.

The process of gas supply systems modernization is carried out by the gas distribution company "Tbilisi Energy" within the  5-year plan. According to the company's deputy technical director Giorgi Lepsveridze, according to the plan, 95% of all worn out pipes will be replaced in Tbilisi by the end of 2025.

“The outdated Soviet-era infrastructure is being very actively replaced. We intensify our working in the warm seasons, in particular spring and summer, but we are still working till late autumn. The pipes laid during the Soviet  era are completely changed as the infrastructure has long been outdated and cannot be renovated, ”he explains.

In Giorgi Lepsveridze’s words, in the  districts  where the old pipes were replaced with new ones individual meters are being installed to improve payment collection  for consumed gas.

“Another 14,700 families receive gas through new pipes these days  in the frames of the a plan aimed at  replacing 95% of worn out pipes within 5 years,” he notes.

Lepsveridze adds that tens of millions of lari have been spent on updating the gas supply infrastructure, including pipes, control points, distributors and other equipment.

“All this will significantly improve the gas supply to Tbilisi residents as well as the pressure of the supplied gas and its quality. Rehabilitation work is carried out not only in the central districts, but also on the outskirts, ” Giorgi Lepsveridze points out. 


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