80% of Russian tourists canceled hotel bookings in Adjara

80% of Russian tourists canceled hotel bookings in Adjara

access_time2019-07-11 13:36:38

In the words of  the deputy head of the tourism department of Adjara Tamar Kaikatsishvili, after the  Russian sanctions, the department conducted a study in 298 accommodation facilities on the Black Sea coast of Adjara – the results were  received from 105.

The situation was studied not only in the most popular resort of Batumi, but also in the other small towns of the Black Sea coast.

“According to the data provided by the hotels, in hotels with a capacity of 100 rooms the Russians accounted for 15-20% of the total reservations,  in the hotels with 50 -100 rooms - about 25%. In places of accommodation with 10- 15 rooms the Russian tourists accounted for  30%. particularly difficult situation is in small home-style hotels with 10-15 rooms where Russian tourists occupied 60-65% of rooms, ”she said.

Kaikatsishvili says that as of today almost 80% of reservations from Russia have been canceled.

“30-35% in these segments of the tourism industry account for the citizens of Russia, 65-70% -  tourists from other countries. Only reservations from Russia are canceled, while  the rest remain in force, ”she points out.


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