33% of Georgians not oppose  the construction of large HPPs

33% of Georgians not oppose the construction of large HPPs

access_time2019-07-15 07:55:49

The IPM Sociological Service interviewed Georgian people  about construction of  large hydroelectric power stations in the capital and in the regions.

Given  the relevance of the topic, the study’s results  are not surprising which  showed that the country’s residents, both in the cities and in the villages, are informed about the problem.

It turned out that 79% of respondents are informed  about this topic, while the awareness in cities is higher than in rural areas - 85% and 70%  respectively.

The level of awareness about the problems with the HPPs construction depends  on the age of the respondents - 76% of citizens  are informed about the problem in the 18-29 age group, 79%- in the  30-39 age group,  84% - in the age group over 40. -

In the frames of the survey, respondents expressed their opinion on how useful the construction of large hydropower plants is for the country - 33% of respondents considered the construction of hydropower plants useful, 31% - harmful, 36% have no clear opinion on this matter.

 The results also differ in places of residence - 24% of townspeople support the construction of hydropower plants while in the villages - 49%.

79% of respondents form their opinion about  the dangers and benefits of large hydropower projects based on assessments of the non-governmental sector and ecologists. 68% believe that the opinion of those who live in these areas should be taken into account.


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