30 thousand locals employed on infrastructure projects

30 thousand locals employed on infrastructure projects

access_time2020-12-21 13:02:27

 “Despite the pandemic, in 2020 the Ministry of Infrastructure has completed a number of important strategic projects, including three sections of the Georgia expressway East- West highway, a section of the highway that bypasses the Pass, and other important projects,” Minister of Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili states.


According to the Minister, 580 kilometers of internal roads were built and 322,000 people were supplied with water.


In 2020, more than 100 schools were also renovated, construction of 41 new ones was launched  and 20 was completed.


“This is only a small part of the projects carried out by 1,300 companies in 2020, up to 30,000 Georgian citizens were employed in the abovementioned projects. It’s no exaggeration to say that despite the pandemic, the country’s  regional infrastructure is developed  on an unprecedented scale, " Maya Tskitishvili stresses.


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