28 years have passed since the fall of Sokhumi

28 years have passed since the fall of Sokhumi

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28 years have passed since the fall of Sokhumi today. Gathering at the Heroes' Memorial started last night by some of the opposition or ordinary citizens. They honored the memory of those who died for the unity of the country.

Politicians plan to visit the Heroes' Memorial on the day of the fall of Sokhumi this morning too.

The military confrontation in Abkhazia began on August 14, 1992. The "Abkhazian Guard" created by the decree of Vladislav Ardzinba opened fire near the village of Okhurei in Ochamchire district against the National Guard of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia which entering the territory of Abkhazia to protect the Sochi-Ingiri railway section.

The State Council decided to send a National Guard to Abkhazia to protect the Sochi-Ingiri railway section after reaching an agreement with Vladislav Ardzinba on August 11. Despite the agreement, the Abkhazian Guard resisted the Georgian National Guard moving through Abkhazia in the Ochamchire and Gulrifshi districts and the city of Sukhumi, leading to hostilities in Abkhazia.

The military confrontation in Abkhazia lasted for 13 months and 13 days and ended on September 27, 1993, with the fall of Sokhumi and the defeat of the Georgian Armed Forces.

On September 16, 1993, the Abkhaz side violated the July 27 Sochi Agreement on a Ceasefire and Separation of Forces and launched an assault on Sukhumi. The battle for Sokhumi lasted for 11 days. Abkhaz-Russian, North Caucasian and Cossack units stormed the Abkhaz Council of Ministers building on the morning of September 27 and captured the chairman of the Abkhaz Council of Ministers, Zhiuli Shartava, the mayor of Sukhumi, Guram Gabeskiria, and 27 members of the Council of Ministers - they were all shot down.

Russian-Abkhazian units occupied positions along the Enguri River on September 30, 1993. The government of the self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia celebrates the "Day of Victory over Georgia and the Independence of Abkhazia" on September 30 of each year.

According to unconfirmed data from the Georgian side, more than 10 thousand Georgian soldiers and civilians were killed during the 1992-1993 military conflict in Abkhazia. 300 thousand Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia were left homeless. According to the Abkhaz side, 3,500 Abkhazians were killed and 2,000 wounded.


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