11 697 foreign nationals  permitted to work in Georgia

11 697 foreign nationals permitted to work in Georgia

access_time2019-09-19 10:30:21

According to the Revenue Service, in 2018 a total of  11,697 foreign nationals are permitted to work in Georgia, which is 300 more than in 2017 when 11,402 foreigners were employed in the country.

In  January-July 2019, the number of working foreigners decreased to 10 573.

Citizens of 124 countries are currently working in Georgia. By the number of working citizens leads Turkey with 2,539 people followed by  Azerbaijan - 1210, Ukraine 1181, Russia - 964, Iran - 832, China - 818, Armenia - 469, India - 362, Kazakhstan - 205, Belarus - 176.

Only 1-2 citizens from Algeria, Tanzania, the Virgin Islands, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Liberia, Libya, Oman, Senegal, Liechtenstein, Mauritania, Malta , Mexico, Montenegro, Swaziland, Singapore, Kuwait and Chile work in Georgia.

As reported, from September 1, 2014 the visa rules  were tightened for citizens of some countries.  The parliament has recently decided to complicate the procedure for foreigners for obtaining a residence and work permit.


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