Citizens of Georgia Prefer Looking for Work in the US and Germany

access_time2018-02-13 11:30:07

A study conducted by the organization IPM shows that  as of March 2015, the number of Georgian citizens residing  abroad totaled 1 607 744 that  is almost a third of the country’s population.


For the most part, they perform unskilled jobs and live in very difficult conditions, but despite this, employment abroad is still  attractive for a large number of citizens.


The study revealed five countries where citizens of Georgia want to work temporarily ;  they are  the United States, Russia, Germany, Britain and France.


18% prefer the USA, 15% - Germany. Despite Russia is among the top five countries, only 7% of respondents want temporary work there.


 A similar study was conducted in other countries of the region.


 In particular, in Armenia 23% of respondents would like to work temporarily in Russia while 18% prefer  the USA.


For citizens of Azerbaijan, priority is Turkey - 26% of Azerbaijanis would like to go there temporarily. In the second place is Russia (14%), on the third - Germany (12%).

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