Georgia  in Dutch Reality TV Show

Georgia in Dutch Reality TV Show

access_time2018-01-12 13:00:46

A popular Dutch TV channel Avrotros broadcasts a reality show wie is de mol 10 episodes of which were shot in Georgia.

 According to the Georgian manager of the Dutch film crew Nino Agladze, the show has existed for 18 years already, and is shot in tourist attractive places. The statistics show that 50% of the show's spectators necessarily visit the countries shown in the program.

"The shooting started in May, and the Dutch producers were so pleased that instead of the five scheduled seasons they shot 10 in Georgia. Most of all they liked diversity in Georgia - they were surprised that there are so many interesting places to shoot a show in such a small country," she notes.

 In Nino Agladze’s words, the reality show has existed for 18 years, and its rating is constantly growing.

"This show is watched by 40-45% of viewers in Holland, and this is a very high figure. If at least half of the audience decides to spend a vacation in Georgia, then it will be  about millions of people. So, this year we can expect a large influx of tourists from Holland "- she says.

10 popular persons - actors, musicians, TV hosts, etc. take part in the show. In each episode one participant is eliminated. 

"Last year's statistics also prove that the program has a great influence on the tourist preferences of the Dutch. In 2017, it was shot in Spain, and despite Spain has long been popular as a tourist destination in the Netherlands, this time the number of people  who visited Spain has grown significantly," Nino Agladze concludes. 

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