Electricity Production Increased in Georgia

Electricity Production Increased in Georgia

access_time2017-12-15 11:17:11

According to Sakstat, electricity production increased by 6,8% in 2016 compared to last year and amounted to 11573,6 million kwh.

Crude oil of 38.6 thousand is mined in the same period (the figure is less than 4.0% comparing to the previous year), coal of 296,5 thousand t (less by 3.1% comparing to the previous year) and natural gas of 6,6 million m3 (less by 42,1% less comparing to the previous year). According to the research, firewood of 2052, 2 thousand m3 (3,4% less than the previous year) is produced in Georgia in 2016.

However, 37, 1% accounts for the natural gas in the energy resource consumption structure. Oil products hold a larger share (29,9%) and electricity (19.2%). 8,1% of the consumed electricity accounts for Biofuel and waste generated from waste, while remaining 5,7% accounts for the coal.


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