Will All Inclusive System Succeed in Georgia's Resorts?

access_time2017-11-08 08:32:20

All Inclusive System is the most popular for Georgian tourists while traveling abroad but the system which consists of a package in which the price is fixed and includes food, beverages, accommodation and other amenities does not exist in Georgia.

In the countries where the All Inclusive System operates, a large number of tourists are arriving, especially for summer tourism and holiday at sea. Among these countries is  Turkey. But Turkey thinks about  the abolition of this system. The author of the idea is the head of the Confederation of Turkish Trade and Crafts Bendiev Palandoken, which states that in case of the All Inclusive System liquidation, tourists will go out  from hotels and will be involved in other activities. "Tourists, especially Russians and Germans, see Turkey on the road between the airport and the hotel," said Palandoken. However, it is not yet known if Turkey will cancel this service.

What is a demand and need for the All Inclusive System on the Georgian market and whether  it can be  introduced in our  country. As "Commersant" was told at the tourist company "InterCo", the introduction of the All Inclusive System will be disastrous for the country.

"At this stage, Georgia's service faces difficulties. If the system is introduced, the service will get even worse. In Turkey, for example, this system was created to attract Russian tourists. Now they realize that the other market is more interesting than the Russian market. An example of this is the introduction of the All Inclusive System and only one or two countries

Apart from that, the introduction of the All Inclusive System will bring only Russian tourists", - say in the company.

"Georgia Travel Group" believes  that foreign tourists are less interested in whether Georgia offers   All Inclusive System or not.

"It will not be easy to introduce this system in our country. Several hotels tried in Batumi but unsuccessfully. When there is no production, such a system is very expensive for  the country. It will not be profitable for Georgian economy, as tourists will not  go out and spend money, "- said in " Georgia Travel Group ".

Maia Sidamonidze, former head of the National Tourism Administration, shares the position that the All Inclusive System will not be beneficial to the country.

"Georgia is not a country of mass tourism and we do not want to have this desire. On the contrary, we should focus on the different types of tourism products and  occupy  our niche on the world tourism market. The introduction of this service in the Adjara region is not possible due to climatic conditions. All Inclusive includes a huge area and infrastructure. It will not be profitable for Georgian business, " Maia Sidamonidze told "Commersant ".

Ia Tabagari, chair of the Association for the Tour Operators Association, believes that the All Inclusive System can be introduced in Tbilisi and Batumi hotels, although a lot should be done for this.

Saba Kiknadze, a founder of Caucasus Travel, has a different position on the matter. He says that  the All Inclusive System in Georgia might justify itself: "It will attract Russian, Arab and Polish tourists who do not want to go out of the hotel.  Borjomi hotels have this perspective, as well as several hotels in Adjara where it  can be introduced if there are necessary demands and needs."

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