Rules for Acquiring  Georgian Citizenship Complicated

Rules for Acquiring Georgian Citizenship Complicated

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The requirements for acquiring Georgian citizenship as an exception are changing - the process has both positive and negative sides.

 According to the presidential administration, the innovation is due to  the growth in the number of applications for citizenship and  the state needs to be cautious and improve the approach.

Those wishing to acquire  Georgian citizenship became active after   the country has   visa-free regime with the European Union, and naturally, many residents of other countries that do not have such a regime are interested in obtaining Georgian citizenship. There is a certain danger that criminals and other undesirable elements can get  a Georgian passport.

The parliamentary majority believe that  the tightening of procedures should not concern those who come from Georgia with the citizenship of other countries and  want to obtain a Georgian passport - the complication of the rules for acquiring citizenship should only concern citizens of other countries that have no roots in Georgia.

 "We have obligations to  the European Union, since there are considerable threats both in terms of  crime and terrorism. If we do not control  the process, it is possible that the visa-free regime can be annulled by the European Union, " the deputies say. 

 Currently, the legislation allows the president of Georgia to assign the citizenship of the country to foreign citizens as an exception – criteria are quite general - merits to Georgia or the state interests.

 In this case, the applicant for acquiring  citizenship must provide a number of mandatory documents, such as a birth certificate, a passport, at least two recommendations from the citizens of Georgia

 In addition, when considering a request for citizenship, a special commission may be created to study in detail the documentation, information from various departments and conduct interviews with the applicant.

In special cases, the President of Georgia may, by his own individual decision, grant citizenship to foreigners bypassing all the procedures.

 Lawyers believe that the current law should be tightened because of safety standards.

 According to lawyer Lia  Mukhashavria, it would be quite logical to demand knowledge of the language and local laws from those wishing to acquire  citizenship. She notes that among the mandatory conditions, without which citizenship cannot be granted must be knowledge of the language, the constitution and the basic legislative norms.

In the words of the lawyer Levan Alapishvili, the introduction of migration restrictions is the sovereign right of any state, just as the introduction of certain conditions and qualifications for citizenship.

 "What will be the real legislation is still difficult to say, since there are no details of the future law. In the current legislation there are a lot of disadvantages, such as dual citizenship - Georgian citizens can be at the same time citizens of other states. This is a wrong attitude that  must be reviewed," the expert believes. 



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